The W.I.S.E. Company

Our Hedge Fund Incubation Program

The W.I.S.E. Company project is an Energy & Environmental Hedge Fund Management Company start-up: its investment style is based on “tactical long/short multi-strategy trades” of commodities, equities and special events.

It all started from an idea of Ing. Giuseppe De Giovanni (President & Founder of SOS.BIZ srl: SOS.BIZ is acting as “project incubator”) and co-led by a talented and highly skilled managers and professionals operating in the field of Financial Trading & Risk management (with two structured and operating trading rooms, one in Rome and one in London) and Energy & Environmental market.

The fundamental idea to launch a new Energy & Environmental Hedge Fund is strongly sustained by the distinctive optimal and balanced technical and managerial competencies offered by its Alpha Team, by a top level Advisory Board and by the great opportunities such a market/sector offers in term of physical (commodity) and financial market.

The W.I.S.E. Company’s business model is not only based on an Authority Positioning (i.e. outstanding Trading Alpha Team and sector knowledge professionals), but is also based on a Structured Operational Governance, built on Corporate Value & Principles, engineered on Corporate and Business Genome/DNA strategic theses (i.e. “All organizations are perfectly designed to get the Results they get”, “All organizations are always in a business extra-ordinary situation” and “Corporate Values are strategic assets to sustain the performance”), sustained by Financial Discipline, and focused on Investors Bonding Relations (i.e. public relations, investors database, investors relationship management and investors communication).

The W.I.S.E. Company is producing breakthrough results through:

• Transparency

• Integrated Risk Management

• Clarity of Investment Process

• Institutionalization of Trading, Marketing

• Investors Bonding and Team Pedigree

A perfect balancing act: proven skills and know-how

  • Strategy, Management, Industrial, Finance & Corporate Skills
  • Energy Trading & Market Knowledge, IPEX Operational Desk
  • Financial Derivatives Trading, Risk Management & Math


VISION (where we are headed):

To become, in the long run, a 1b€ AUM Hedge Fund. We will be, worldwide, the most admired, reliable, trusted, and performing (i.e. Sharpe Ratio, Alpha Ratio, Omega Ratio, Max Drawdown, etc.) Long/Short Hedge Fund focused on Energy & Environment.

The W.I.S.E. Company is built on a powerful Corporate Pay-Off Value (integrity, leadership, trust, and passion for winning), Highly Technical Trading Skills, Reliable & Robust scalable Technological Platform and Impeccable Efficient, Effective and a clear Transparent Financial Discipline as well as an impeccable and holistic Corporate Governance & Operational Management.


MISSION (why we exist):

We will provide a product of superior quality and value which will outperform our direct competitive benchmark exceeding our Investors’ expectations, i.e. we will deliver absolute returns regardless of market conditions within a robust, sustainable and transparent risk-reward ratio and limited return erratic volatility. We are not “risk taker”, we are Institutional Quality “business owner”.

We don’t get rewarded by building assets, we get rewarded by performing.

We will do that by leveraging on: a strong principle and value-based thinking driven by practicing radical truth & transparency and a “learning from disagreement culture and methodology”, a powerful talented and highly technically skilled Alpha Team, an impeccable and structured Corporate & Operational Governance, a quantitative Financial Discipline and Risk Management approach and a Balanced Portfolio Structure. Our comprehensive, detailed and crystal clear Investors’ Bonding & Relation Program provides Investors with a great transparency on all Investment Strategies and Performance.