Re-Engineering Genome

re-engineering your corporate genome

 We think, act and deliver like Genetic Engineers aiming to restructure a build-to-last corporate and organization governance.

Our corporate and business genome approach and re-engineering capability are based on 3 fundamental and strategic theses:


  1. All organizations are perfectly designed to get the Results they get
  2. All organizations are always in a business extra-ordinary situation
  3. Corporate Values are strategic assets to sustain the performance

our "corporate genome" solutions

We do care to formulate and engineer build-to-last solutions using the best intellectual capability and professional background available on the market 


In-house solutions:

  • corporate genome & organization DNA methodology
  • start up: incubation, knowledge transfer, cultural assets setup
  • OGSM (*) corporate strategy and action planning
  • corporate restructuring and business turnaround
  • transformation program & change management
  • organization performance model: assessment & design perspective
  • delta-performance, deployment and monitoring
  • leadership assessment tool-box
  • financial debt restructuring
  • M&A - business development & transition

(*) OGSMObjective, Goal, Strategy, Measure 


Network-based solutions:

  • energy trading & risk management operations
  • quantitative finance & derivatives structure
  • financial portfolio balance & hedging
  • financial engineering
  • hedge funds rising
  • structured finance & project financing
  • venture capital, private equity
  • european horizon 2020 program
  • merger & acquisitions financing