- program incubation

Genetically Modified Organizations: Incubation is key !

In analogy with the "Genetically Modified Organisms" (G.M.O.) here we talk about "Genetically Modified Organizations" (still G.M.O. !).

The new organization body acquires those strengths (capabilities) we have decided to build in.

Once a proper Organization & Process Engineering scheme has been designed and agreed, its DEPLOYMENT is a very sensitive task because all behavior and habits will naturally resist to keep the status-quo. Planning for a temporary incubation, like for newborn children, is a strategic decision and can be effectively provided through a Temporary Change Agent who's responsible to stabilize all organization vital parameters and making them adhere to the overall strategy and business plan. The Change Agent can be either an external or an internal person but, in any case, this person must be a credible, knowledgeable, experienced, influential and very well accepted by the targeted host organization.

P.P.L. - Point of Performance Level

It all starts with the identification of the Work to be performed (gap = target - current). The Point of Performance Level is function of:

1) The Work to Perform

2) The Organization Capacity necessary to perform that work

3) The Organization Capability necessary to perform that work

PPL (gap) = PPL (target) - PPL (current)

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