Ing. Giuseppe De Giovanni

Giuseppe is graduated as Mechanical Engineer with honors at Rome “La Sapienza” University with a II Level Master’s Degree in Energy and Environment Management, a Certificate in Fintech & Digital Strategy at INSEAD and a Certificate in Blockchain Technology at MIT.

Giuseppe’s professional background and career steps have been substantially focused on managing and leading enterprises' “extraordinary events” (start up, turnaround, restructuring and development). He acquired all his key management fundamentals through his leading role in projects like:


- Manufacturing and Services Operational Start-up/Shut-down

- Corporate, Organizational and Process Re-Engineering

- Strategic Holistic Planning Development and Deployment

- Industrial & Financial Business Plan Development

- M&A Organizational Transition

- Crisis Management, Company Turnaround, Debt Restructuring

- Culture & Change Management Programs.


Giuseppe in his career served as Product Supply Director and Customer Marketing Director during his long (16 years) experience in the Consumer Goods Industry (Procter & Gamble in Italy, Germany and Portugal), as General Manager and Marketing & Strategy Managing Director in the Automotive Industry (Vectrix: a US-based start-up manufacturing and selling the first top performance electric maxi-scooters), as Managing Partner in the Advisory Industry (Think Consulting, Roimax and PMD Consulting) and as Strategy Development Advisor in the Aeronautics Industry (ENAV: the State-owned Italian Air Navigation Services Provider).


Today Giuseppe is Majority Shareholder, President of Gruppo Industrie Riunite srl (M&A Incubator Turnaround, Holding of Participation), Chief Executive Officer of EEMS Italia SpA (listed at Italian Stock Exchange, Euronext Milan, former "MTA") and President of Finintrust srl (multi-layer fintech).

Giuseppe is also Member of the Scientific Committee of Assofintech, Board Director and Member of Banking & Finance Technical Committee in ABIE (Associazione Blockchain Imprese ed Enti), Member of Crypto Valley Association (Zug, Switzerland), Executive Committee Member of Chapter Roma & Lazio at NeD-Community (Non-Executive Independent Directors Association).

Giuseppe is former Lead Independent Director and President of Internal Control and Risks Committee of EEMS Italia SpA and Founding Member and Board of Director Member of AMPIT (Association of the Italian Professional Managers).


Giuseppe is former Lead Independent Director and President of Internal Control and Risks Committee of EEMS Italy SpA (listed company at Italian Stock Exchange, Euronext Milan, former "MTA"), former Board Director of TMA Italy (Italian Chapter of Turnaround Management Association) and Founding Member and Board Director of AMPIT (Association of the Italian Professional Managers).

 Giuseppe has a proven professional track record, a strong willingness to learn “new things”, he is naturally inclined towards challenges and complex work environment, a leadership profile, team working attitude, a communication ability across different kind of environment.

 Giuseppe is a lecturer on Corporate Governance, Business Management and Crisis Resolution/Debt Restructuring programs.



I walk my talk: my belief on leadership



  • winning as a way of life: a constant striving to beat the benchmark that will deliver competitive advantage and increased profitability
  • professionalism. mastering the fundamentals of the business, function and working with people. This requires dedication, endless repetition and a constant search for the best way to do things
  • personal growth: a dedication to being better tomorrow than today
  • seeking to change the world: being courageous, setting imaginative, bold, competitive goals and assuming personal leadership to exeed them
  • care about individuals: respect people and genuinely concerned about their well being.



  • integrity, honesty, morality, ethics, straightforwardness: strong, predictable behaviors and values
  • personal drive, initiatives and tenacity: a real desire to make a personal impact
  • courageous: able to spot the high-leverage opportunities before others and willing to champion them while ignoring all other distractions
  • high standards of excellence: for myself and others
  • knowledgeable and inquisitive: seek to learn, know, understand and identify better solutions
  • have a good business sense: seek to understand and focus on customer and competitor
  • think systematically and holistically: seek the whole picture along with the parts
  • capitalize on differences: seek out and value the differences to insure full potential of each individual is brought to bear the business
  • open and caring: a good listener, sensitive to others, give/take criticism well, able to openly admit mistakes, able to build support, genuine
  • practice situational leadership: adapt behavior to the needs of the situation and the individual.